Exploration project AI in nursing: data, prerequisites, framework


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In the current project we will be investigating the potential methods and scenarios for integrating AI into the nursing care field. To assess solutions for the use of AI systems in nursing care, this exploratory project will develop a framework assessing the best practices, needs, applications, and requirements for future research into this area. We aim to highlight the application scenarios in which nursing care can be supported by the implementation of AI technologies. In gathering quantitative and qualitative data from care professionals, informal care givers, and researchers in this domain, the current project (SoKIP) will identify the specific settings and opportunities in which the embedding of AI systems into nursing activities will be most beneficial.

Innovative AI systems can be used to both support functional aspects of care work (e.g. with regard to scheduling, mobility, patient admission and discharge, etc.), as well as networking the knowledge of professional care givers to ensure the expert coordination of (elderly) care work in complex structures (such as in cases of addressing ethical standards and the consensus of privacy guidelines). However, much of the AI research into the current domain has focused on developing robotic systems. Our project will delineate those application scenarios in which the support of nursing activities by decision-making or decision-augmenting AI software systems can be identified. AI is positioned as a key means for the solution of care giving challenges and we have set out to identify those means for successful research in this field and to develop a framework for the implementation of artificial intelligence projects in nursing settings. As a blossoming field, it is our goal to introduce the vast array of uses AI accommodates to support the work of care practitioners.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has assessed the need for innovative research and development to encompass a scope of nursing technologies. The outcomes of our research project will deliver insight into the specific areas, setting, uses, and requirements for such research and development in the domain of AI systems in nursing to address this need. Together with researchers at the Department of Nursing Care Research at the Institute of Public Health and Nursing Care Research (IPP) at the University of Bremen, Beuth Hochschule, and the Association for Digitization in the Social Economy (Vediso), we are accumulating data sets and application scenarios to identify key uses of AI systems in nursing.

Together with our partners, using the data gathered from the relevant stakeholders (caregivers, people in need of care and their relatives, service providers, ethic and AI experts and data AI experts), we are hosting a Datathon in June 2020 to analyze these promising AI implementations. Participating data experts will assist in evaluating the quality of the data collected in order to address those areas in which better data schemata and formats can be prepared for the subsequent Hackathon. These findings will allow us to outline the practical hurdles facing future research in the area of AI and Nursing including the relevant data protection, storage and regulatory conditions that are arising.

As is the goal of the ‚Study Commission on „Artificial Intelligence – Social Responsibility and the economic, social and environmental potential’ to create open discussions surrounding both the potential and challenges for AI to perform in our society, we will develop our report with insights gathered from the aforementioned Datathon and Hackathon, informational interviews, and the input of caregivers and those in their care to address this potential and the challenges that may lie ahead. This is to assure that the future of the AI systems we outline in our research will benefit both the digital and physical care solutions identified.

Datathon Registration  #AI4CARE